Watch Out for This Scheme to Defraud Corporations

This article was posted at to help expose a scam to get corporations to pay $150 for nothing. The scam involves a letter that is sent to corporations across the country that seems to indicate that corporations are required to file the minutes of their annual corporate meetings with the relevant state department, and the company sending the letter, Corporate Compliance, will file the minutes for the $150 fee. The letter makes it seem like a company is violating the law if they do not file their corporate minutes with the state.

In fact, in Florida, corporate minutes do not need to be filed with the state. The company maintains them. You can go to the Florida Department of State website to learn more about what companies are required to do and what documents are filed by Florida companies. So, in effect, this Corporate Compliance scam is asking for money for nothing with a letter that appears official. I would guess that a lot of people who would receive such a letter on behalf of companies throughout Florida are not clear as to the filing obligations of their company. As a result, they may assume this letter is legitimate or just request a check from their company to comply with the letter out of an abundance of caution.

However, if you receive such a letter, the better practice is to do some research to see if what they are asking is legitimate. Sometimes, it is just a matter of doing a google search for the company. In this case, this would reveal that Corporate Compliance is a shady company and that others have been the victim of this scam.

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