Jacksonville Police Made Record Number of Arrests for Underaged Drinking During Gator Bowl and New Year’s Eve

Police officers in Jacksonville, Florida paid special attention to, and made a record number of arrests for, underaged drinking during the Gator Bowl and New Year’s Eve events this year.

Some people who have been arrested for underaged drinking or have kids who have been arrested for underaged drinking may not appreciate the seriousness of the charge. Sometimes, the police officer may only give the offenders a citation or ticket which tells them to set a court date for themselves. This gives the impression that the charge is not serious. However, a ticket, citation or notice to appear is the same as an arrest for criminal record purposes. Additionally, a charge of underaged drinking is a misdemeanor crime which carries potentially serious penalties. It is rare for a person to be given a serious sentence for the crime of underaged drinking. However, if a person pleads guilty to the underaged drinking crime, that can result in a misdemeanor conviction that will affect that person’s record, and possibly his ability to get a job, for the rest of his/her life.

If you have been arrested for underaged drinking or been given a ticket or citation and you have questions about how to handle the case to limit any lasting effects on your record, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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