Federal Law Enforcement Arrest 26 Doctors and Medical Providers for Medicare Fraud

Federal law enforcement officials arrested 26 doctors, nurses and other health care providers in Miami, New York and Detroit for Medicare fraud according to a recent article. We are also aware of similar arrests made recently in the Jacksonville, Florida area. According to the article, the alleged Medicare fraud was committed in several ways. Medicare fraud typically involves a doctor or other medical provider billing Medicare for services that were never performed or required, billing for unnecessary medical equipment or billing at an excessive rate.

In these cases, the suspects allegedly committed Medicare fraud by billing for expensive shoe inserts while providing a much cheaper version to the patients, billing for expensive treatments that were not medically necessary, submitting old ultrasound readings that were found at another doctor’s office and billing for expensive home-care visits for homeless people or people who were paid to fake symptoms. The article indicates that the total amount of the Medicare fraud cost taxpayers approximately $16 million.

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