89 Year Old Kills Grandson in Possible Self Defense Case in Putnam County, Florida

An 89 year old stabbed and killed his 22 year old grandson in Crescent City, Florida (which is about two hours south of Jacksonville, Florida) according to an article on www.News4jax.com. The grandfather is claiming that he stabbed his grandson in self defense.

In Florida, the law of self defense was expanded making it easier for those suspected or accused of violent crimes to assert the self defense claim. The Florida law was changed couple of years ago. Under the prior Florida law, a person was required to use any reasonably possible means to escape a situation before using deadly force to meet deadly force outside of a person’s home or workplace. According to the new Florida law, individuals are not required to retreat and may use deadly force in public when they reasonably perceive a threat of deadly force to themselves or others.

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