University of Florida Computer System Breached

A hacker gained access to the computer network at the University of Florida which contains the personal information of approximately 97,000 people, according to an article on The University of Florida initiated an investigation after the data breach was discovered, but it was not clear if the personal information was successfully accessed.

Due to the proliferation of computers, the Internet and computer networks, companies have increasingly stored the personal and financial information of clients and employees on their computer networks. As a result, hackers and thieves have increased their efforts to obtain this information that is often easily accessed and unencrypted on company networks. Florida law requires companies that have had their networks compromised to follow certain procedures or face severe financial penalties and bad publicity that could severely damage the company. At a minimum, if a company experiences a data breach of its network and personal information is materially compromised, the company should conduct a thorough investigation to determine if harm has, or likely will, come to those whose information may have been accessed. Records of this investigation and the results must be kept for five years.

Depending on the results of the investigation and the extent of the data breach, Florida law may require the company to do more, including notifying all of the individuals whose information was compromised. If you suspect your company’s network has been breached and personal information has been compromised, visit our website or contact us for more information about what Florida law requires your company to do.

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