Newly Popular Substance (Salvia) is an Illegal Drug in Florida

More and more states are considering making a relatively new substance illegal. The substance, which is called Salvia, looks like a mint leaf and comes from Mexico. The substance is consumed either by smoking the plant or chewing a paste made from the plant. When taken, Salvia produces psychoactive effects, the potency of which depends on your weight, how much you take, the strength of the Salvia, how you take it and other factors. Some people experience vision altering effects, a dream-like effect, confusion, loss of awareness, a floating sensation, loss of physical coordination and/or many other effects.

There are four states that have recently passed laws that consider Salvia a drug and make possession illegal just like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs. Florida made selling, using or possessing Salvia illegal in 2008 and classifies Salvia the same as drugs like marijuana and LSD.

There are websites out there that sell Salvia just like any other plant because it is legal in many states. The plant has actually been around for many years and was used by the native Indians for a variety of purposes. However, its popularity and recreational use today are fairly new. Keep in mind that if you are in Florida, it is illegal to have or use Salvia and there can be serious penalties for someone arrested for possession of Salvia.

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