Jacksonville Store Looking for Notorious Shoplifter. What Stores Look for to Identify Shoplifting.

A Jacksonville (Duval County), Florida woman is a known criminal who shoplifts at various department stores. She was most recently seen stealing items at a Target store on Monument Road in Jacksonville, Florida, according to an article on www.Firstcoastnews.com. Department stores in Florida and across the country lose a significant amount of money to shoplifters every year. As a result, they have taken steps to identify and arrest shoplifters before they can leave the store with the merchandise. Department stores now often have elaborate video surveillance, scanners that detect when a stolen item is leaving the store and undercover loss prevention officers inside the stores looking for potential shoplifters.

What signs do loss prevention officers and police officers look for to identify a shoplifter? There are several characteristics that shoplifters exhibit when they are in a store looking for something to steal. Loss prevention officers look for people who appear nervous and avoid eye contact with others, who wander around the store without buying anything, who leave the store and return within a short period of time, who linger in areas that are difficult to see, who keep looking around for people watching them and who come into the store with loose clothing, a big bag or other containers that can conceal a stolen item.

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