Jacksonville Police Arrest Eleven People After Drug Raid

Jacksonville police raided a home off of Ivey Road in the Southside area of Jacksonville, FL and ultimately made eleven drug arrests allegedly related to fraudulent prescriptions, according to an article on News4Jax.com. The article indicates that the owner of the home was arrested and accused of printing false prescriptions for Oxycontin and similar drugs on his computer and paying people to fill the prescriptions.

There are a variety of issues that arise from a large drug case such as this from whether the Jacksonville police had a legitimate basis for searching the home to the various levels of culpability of the eleven people arrested on the drug charges. When so many people are arrested pursuant to one case, Jacksonville police and prosecutors will always look to some of the defendants to talk and provide incriminating information about the others and themselves. This is often done at a time when defendants are not thinking clearly and do not fully understand their rights. Police and prosecutors may try and paint all defendants with the same brush, so to speak, by making those less involved (or not involved) think they are in the same kind of trouble as those most involved.

It is important for anyone who is either the target of a Jacksonville police or other law enforcement department investigation or has been arrested to consult a criminal defense attorney prior to making any statements that could jeopardize your case. Giving a statement without understanding the facts and your rights could give the police the information they need to make a case against you, when they only pretended to have that information before the statement.

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