Jacksonville Area Police Are Focusing on Pain Clinics

As criminal defense lawyers in the Jacksonville, Florida area, we have noticed that local police and prosecutors are significantly increasing their attention towards the pain clinics that have been opening up in the area over the last couple of years. Sheriffs in Duval County, Clay County, St. Johns County and Flagler County have taken notice as drug cases involving pills have gone up exponentially as opposed to the more traditional drug cases involving cocaine, crack, marijuana and methamphetamine. As police make more and more arrests of people illegally using or selling pain pills and other pills that require a valid prescription, law enforcement authorities are increasingly going after what they think is the source of these pills. The police believe that some pain clinics are giving out huge amounts of pills for a relatively low price to people who ultimately sell them individually for a much higher price. And they think the people running some of the pain clinics are aware of this practice.

Pain clinics can certainly be legal. There are a lot of people with various painful conditions who need to see a doctor quickly, whether they have health insurance of not, and have a right to be treated with medication to alleviate their pain. Of course, pain clinics can also be illegal if they are not run properly and in accordance with the laws and regulations, which are constantly changing. If you have a question about a pain clinic or any of the legal issues involved with running or working with a pain clinic, whether in Florida or anywhere else, feel free to contact us to discuss any relevant legal implications.

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