Florida Leads the Country in Speeding Tickets

Florida gives out more speeding tickets than any other state, according to a recent article at News4Jax.com referring to a study done by the National Motorist Association. Georgia is second. The Florida state trooper interviewed for the article indicated that they do not specifically target speeders, but we have written on this blog about how states will step up enforcement of traffic tickets to raise money, particularly when economic times are bad.

When a person gets a ticket for speeding or another moving violation, it can affect him/her in various ways. First, there is a fine that goes along with any traffic ticket. If the judge adjudicates the person guilty for the traffic violation, points will be added to the person’s driving record. Insurance companies see these points and may raise insurance rates. Additionally, if a person accumulates too many points in a specific period of time, the DMV will suspend his/her driving privileges.

We receive calls from people who have received various traffic citations. We can schedule a hearing and request that the judge reduce the fine and/or withhold adjudication on the violation so no points are added to the driving record. If successful, a person can avoid the risk of a license suspension and increased insurance premiums that go along with points on a driving record.

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