Florida Governor’s Budget Would Eliminate Cyber-Crime Unit

According to the Florida governor’s newly proposed budget, significant cuts will be made across many state agencies, including law enforcement. One of the departments that may be eliminated is the state’s cyber-crime unit, according to an article on News4jax.com. This would apparently include 19 cyber-crime detective jobs and 15 internet agent positions with the state attorney general’s office. The logical conclusion to be drawn from this is that people who commit crimes using computers and the internet will be less likely to get caught. Of course, the governor’s budget does not affect city, county and federal law enforcement agencies that also conduct cyber-crime investigations. However, the state attorney general’s office did make a large number of arrests with their cyber-crime unit.

Two of the more common crimes committed by people using computers and the internet involve child pornography and enticing children for sexual acts. The state attorney general’s office’s cyber-crime unit played an important role in tracking down people in possession of child pornography on their computers and sharing those pictures over the internet using services like Limewire. They would also pose as children on the internet to catch people who were looking to anonymously contact children and set up meetings with them.

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