Feds to Make “Fake Pot” Illegal, Florida May Follow

As of March 1, a new federal law made the possession or sale of the chemicals that comprise what is known as fake pot or synthetic marijuana illegal, according to an article on Firstcoastnews.com. The product, which often goes by the names K2, spice or blaze, simulates the effects of marijuana and does not show up on the traditional marijuana drug tests. The Drug Enforcement Agency can take emergency steps to temporarily ban certain items considered to be dangerous and a threat to public safety for one year. The ban is then later considered for permanency pending a recommendation from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The synthetic marijuana is often sold in hookah shops and smoke shops.

While it is currently just a federal criminal violation to possess or sell the fake pot/synthetic marijuana, many states are also moving to make it illegal on the same level as regular marijuana. The Florida Senate committee recently unanimously voted to make synthetic marijuana illegal. The proposed Florida law is expected to pass which would make synthetic marijuana illegal on the state level as well in Florida.

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