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Jacksonville Jaguar wide receiver Matt Jones was arrested back in July of 2008 for being in possession of a controlled substance, i.e. cocaine. As is often the case with drug possession cases, he entered into a plea agreement that required him to participate in a drug program and comply with certain conditions. One of those conditions prohibited him from using drugs or alcohol. Apparently, he violated the condition that prohibited him from using alcohol and was arrested for violating the terms of his plea agreement and drug program and sent to jail, according to an article on

When a person is charged with a crime in Jacksonville, Florida, such as possession of marijuana or cocaine, that person may be eligible for a pretrial diversion program that will require him/her to abide by certain conditions such as attending a drug treatment program and staying off of drugs. If he/she successfully completes the terms of the program, the charges against him/her will likely be dropped. If a person violates the terms of the pretrial intervention program, he/she may be removed from the program and re-charged with the initial crime.

Likewise, people who have been charged with drug possession crimes in Jacksonville, Florida are often sentenced to probation, rather than jail or prison, if they enter a plea of guilty or no contest. That person, the probationer, will have to comply with certain terms of probation as outlined by the judge. These often include reporting to the probation officer, paying the fees associated with probation and undergoing a drug evaluation and any treatment indicated. If the probationer violates one or more of the terms of his/her probation, the probation officer may take a warrant to the judge to have the probationer arrested. A hearing will be scheduled at which time the probationer can either admit the alleged probation violation(s) or challenge them. If the probationer admits the probation violation(s) or a judge finds that the probationer violated his/her probation, the judge will sentence the probationer for the probation violation offense, which can result in jail or prison time, even if the person was only sentenced to straight probation for the original crime.

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