Two People Arrested for Allegedly Attempting to Buy Cocaine in St. Johns County, Florida

Two individuals were arrested this week for allegedly trying to buy $100,000 worth of cocaine from federal undercover agents, according to an article on Apparently, federal law enforcement authorities and local St. Johns County, Florida police were working together on the case over the last few months. Both men were arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine.

The majority of undercover illegal drug investigations target sellers and suppliers of illegal drugs such as cocaine, crack, methamphetamine and ecstasy. However, when the amount of the drugs is big enough, local and federal law enforcement officials will set up an undercover operation to try and arrest buyers as well. In this case, the potential buyers reportedly were looking to buy 5 kilograms of cocaine. The idea is that buyers of such quantities of drugs will turn around and sell the drugs to other drug suppliers or users.

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