Police Raid Jacksonville Area Alleged Illegal Casinos

Earlier this week, police in Nassau County (just north of Jacksonville, Florida) raided what they alleged to be two illegal casinos- Cabana Gold Vegas Games in Callahan and Treasure Bay in Fernandina Beach, according to a www.News4Jax.com article. Nassau County police officers claimed that the alleged casinos were paying customers who won playing the casino games in cash, which is illegal under Florida law. Giving the winners of these games a ticket that can be exchanged for certain merchandise is legal, but the law prohibits cash, alcohol or cigarettes as rewards for the games. According to Nassau County police, the two alleged casinos are no longer operating after the recent raids.

Florida law prohibits gambling in several different ways. It is a third degree felony to keep gaming tables, a gaming room or a gaming house for the purpose of illegal gambling. Whoever engages in gambling for money or other thing of value is guilty of a misdemeanor. There are certain exceptions for cardrooms, the lottery, charitable gaming and others. Those who violate gaming laws are subject to criminal penalties and seizure and forfeiture of gaming paraphernalia as well as proceeds from illegal gaming operations.

A list of Florida gaming laws can be found here.

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