New Product Supposedly Easily Tests for Drug Use

Drug tests are used for a variety of reasons in the criminal justice system. They are used by pretrial services in Federal court to see if a person recently arrested tests positive for drugs in reference to a bond request. They are used by the probation officers in the state system to make sure probationers are not using drugs. A positive test in either circumstance can result in the person being in violation of his/her probation and being put back in jail. Employers, school officials, coaches, parents and others may use drug tests for various reasons.

According to a recent article, a new product called DrugWipe, is available that can tell is a person has used seven different kinds of drugs with 100% accuracy, according to a recent article on According to the manufacture of DrugWipe, the product is wiped across a non-porous surface that the person has recently touched, and it can determine if that [person has used one or more for the various illegal drugs. Currently, drug testers typically use urine tests. There are certain products on the market that can mask the results of a urine-based drug test. Additionally, those tests can only show the results of certain types of drugs.

It remains to be seen whether this new product is accurate in detecting drugs in a person’s system.

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