Marijuana Grow Houses Growing in Florida

Marijuana grow houses, where people make structural and electrical modifications to a home or other building to create a warm and humid environment where hybrid marijuana plants can grow indoors, are becoming more popular in Florida, according to a recent article on Apparently, drug trafficking organizations are setting up grow houses all over Florida and the Southeast from Miami to Jacksonville to Atlanta. They are able to grow more potent marijuana that can bring in more money per plant. Additionally, many criminal courts have become less strict with marijuana crimes reducing the risk of setting up a marijuana grow house. According to the article, most people arrested for the first time for having a marijuana grow house get probation instead of jail or prison time. Of course, that will depend on a variety of factors in the case and the particular county where the suspect is arrested.

According to the article, the number of marijuana grow houses have increased exponentially since 2000 when most of the illegal drugs in Florida were brought in from Mexico and South America. The article estimates that approximately 100 pounds of marijuana from Florida grow houses are shipped from Miami to other parts of the country.

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