Jacksonville Wedding Planner Arrested on Theft Charges

A Jacksonville, Florida wedding planner who ran a business called Princess and Company was arrested this week after complaints were made to Jacksonville police and the State Attorney’s office that she took money from prospective brides to plan their weddings but pocketed the money instead, according to an article on www.News4jax.com. The Jacksonville wedding planner is accused of stealing more than $40,000 paid by various people for wedding planning services.

It is not uncommon in Jacksonville for alleged victims to file a criminal report with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office or make a complaint to the State Attorney’s office based on allegations that a contractor or other business person has taken money for personal gain that was intended to be used for professional services. The question becomes whether the alleged conduct was a crime or just bad business that is more properly dealt with in the civil court system. The answer to that question will often depend on different factors such as the facts of each case, the nature of the business, the number of alleged victims, the amount of work performed and the course of conduct and understanding between the parties.

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