Jacksonville Beach, Florida Man Charged in Federal Court with Child Pornography Charges

A Jacksonville Beach, Florida man was recently indicted on three counts of possessing child pornography, one count of transporting child pornography and one count of receiving child pornography in federal court, according to an article on Firstcoastnews.com. The charges together carry a maximum potential sentence of 100 years in federal prison.

Law enforcement authorities on the state and federal levels are focusing more and more on child pornography cases. As most people should know, it is a federal crime and a state crime to possess child pornography pictures and videos, create them, share them, distribute them or receive them. Viewing child pornography on one’s computer and then deleting the file is illegal. Law enforcement officials have effective computer tracking technology which can tell them which computers may contain child pornography files. As this technology gets better and more people use the internet (which gives people better access and opportunity to view child pornography pictures and videos), state and federal law enforcement will make more and more arrests. And when these arrests are made and child pornography charges are brought, the potential penalties are very serious.

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