In Florida a Fourth DUI Conviction Means a Permanent License Suspension

In Florida, the DUI laws have become more and more severe over the years. The license suspension penalties that go with DUI convictions have also become more severe over the years. If a person gets a fourth DUI conviction, his/her driving privileges will be permanently suspended. This seems to be a fairly straightforward rule- four DUI convictions equals no more driving, ever. However, there can be questions about convictions of similar drinking and driving laws from other states. Not every state has the same DUI laws. In another state, the drunk driving laws may be called something else and they may have different elements and requirements. Alcohol-related conduict may be legal in one state and a criminal violation in another.

In Florida, the law says that a person with four convictions for DUI, or a similar alcohol-related traffic offense in another state, will result in a permanent revocation of driving privileges. As a result, someone could have a conviction from another state of an alcohol related offense that would not rise to the level of a DUI in Florida, but if a Florida court considers it similar enough to Florida’s DUI laws, that will count as a conviction that could lead to a permanent license suspension. .

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