I Want to Seal or Expunge My Criminal Record to Help Get a Job

This is something we are hearing quite often these days as the economy is struggling and many people are looking for jobs. Many people contact us who are either worried that a prospective employer may see something on their criminal record that may prevent them from being hired or have applied for a job only to be told that their criminal record disqualifies them from the position they are seeking. Or in some cases, current employers have performed background checks and discovered a criminal record that resulted in the person being fired.

The ability to seal or expunge your criminal record can be a very helpful tool to make sure a past mistake does not come back to hurt you in your job search or current job. Sealing or expunging a criminal record is the best way to keep information about a past crime from potential or current employers.

If you have had a prior criminal case that was either dropped or resolved with the adjudication withheld, you very well may be eligible to have that criminal record sealed or expunged in Florida. If you have questions about your criminal record and whether or not you are eligible to have it sealed or expunged, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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