Government Continues to Make Believeable Number of Drug Arrests

Despite the inability to deter crime and continued drug abuse and the incredible cost to taxpayers with no tangible return, the government in the United States continues to make arrest after arrest for drug crimes. According to recent data released by the FBI, more than 1.5 million people were arrested on drug charges last year. Of those million plus people, about 90% of them were arrested on simple possession charges and half of them were arrested on marijuana charges. While the drug and marijuana arrest numbers were down from the prior year, it still comes to a drug arrest every 21 seconds and a marijuana arrest every 42 seconds in this country.

Drug arrests account for the biggest number of arrests in this country. The closest crime category to drug arrests is theft/larceny which had almost a third of a million fewer arrests last year. As expected, this failed drug policy costs taxpayers billions of dollar.

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