Former Owner of Cisco Travel Plaza and Others Indicated on Federal Criminal Fraud Charges in Kingsland, Georgia

As we have discussed several times on this blog, the federal authorities are focusing more on fraud related crimes, or so called white collar crimes. We have seen the greatest concentration of federal investigative resources go towards mortgage fraud cases recently, particularly in Florida. However, they are looking at fraud cases of all types.

In Kingsland, Georgia, a recent criminal investigation resulted in the indictment of the former owner of the Cisco Travel Plaza and several others connected to that business. The indictment alleges that these individuals committed the crimes of fraud, conspiracy, bribery and/or criminal trademark infringement. Specifically, the law enforcement authorities, which included the FBI, GBI, local Kingsland police and the IRS, are alleging that Mr. Cisco and the others miscalibrated the fuel pumps at three Cisco Travel Plaza locations to provide less fuel than what was indicated and paid for, substituted cheaper fuel at the premium and mid-grade fuel pumps, sold non-BP fuel while using the BP logo at the centers and bribed Georgia Department of Agriculture inspectors who came to inspect the centers and the pumps. The indictment alleges that these offenses occurred between 2005 and 2006 and resulted in a loss of $7 million to customers of Cisco Travel Plaza.

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