Florida Seeing an Increase in Theft of Gas

According to police officials in various counties in Florida, one result of the increase in gas prices is a corresponding increase in the number and degree of theft cases involving gas. Some of the thefts are committed on a small scale and involve siphoning gas from the gas tanks of vehicles or tampering with gas tanks at the gas stations. Other thefts are more significant and involve the theft of hundreds of gallons of gas from fuel tanks. This kind of theft likely takes a planned and concerted effort involving multiple people.

In one criminal case out of Marion County (which is about 100 miles Southwest of Jacksonville, Florida), a couple was arrested for grand theft and burglary for stealing gas after drilling a hole in a gas tank. According to the article at OrlandoSentinel.com, the male suspect left his power drill, which had his name on it, at the scene of the crime.

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