Florida Police Still Cracking Down on Pain Clinics

We have written several posts about state and federal law enforcement agencies focusing on what they call “pill mills” throughout Florida. We have represented many people in state and federal court who are charged with having some association with an illegal pain clinic ,or pill mill, in Florida or Georgia. The targets of the police investigations range from pain clinic employees to doctors to owners. Some of the factors police look for are as follows: pain clinics that have lines out the front door or lines early in the morning when the clinic opens, vehicles in the parking lot with out of state license plates and pain clinics where doctors see patients for a very short period of time and then write prescriptions for pain pills.

Over the last several years, we have seen many cases of the police going after these pain clinics. Many of these criminal cases have been successful, but some of them have targeted legitimate pain clinics that provide a much needed medical service to people who do not have good, or any, insurance coverage.

According to a recent Jacksonville news article, Florida police are still cracking down on pain clinics. The Florida Attorney General has called the prevalence of pain clinics and prescription drug abuse a health crisis in Florida. The Attorney General’s office claimed that more than 2,000 arrests in pain clinic related cases have been made, including 34 doctors. The Attorney General’s office and other law enforcement agencies throughout the state intend to continue to make arrests of people they consider to be involved in illegal pain clinics.

The penalties for crimes related to illegal prescription drugs can be severe in Florida. If you have any questions about prescription drugs or pain clinics or have been contacted by any law enforcement agency, it is very important that you understand your rights and what law enforcement is trying to do before you take any action or make any statements.

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