Florida May Be Putting Medical Marijuana Initiative Up for a Vote

As many people are aware, marijuana laws have changed in some states over the last several years. Some states have realized how ridiculously wasteful, counter-productive and just plain stupid it is to give people criminal records and put them in jail for possessing and using a plant, and then ask taxpayers to pay for it. Florida, of course, is not one of those states. Anytime you have politicians who love spending taxpayer money on useless programs and policies that do nothing but increase the size and reach of big government, it is hard to get government to change its course. That is an obstacle for Florida.

However, people are trying to make medical marijuana legal in Florida. A recent bill that would have made medical marijuana legal in Florida was recently shut down. However, a group is obtaining signatures to try and place a medical marijuana constitutional amendment on the ballot for November of 2014. The initiative would apparently allow people to use marijuana for certain specified medical conditions and also when a doctor indicated its medical use would outweigh the potential health risks for the patient.

Adding a measure like this a the ballot takes time, resources and money. However, it looks like there is a good chance they will be successful in getting the medical marijuana measure on the ballot in 2014. Some of the polling done by various groups in favor of medical marijuana in Florida suggests that a medical marijuana amendment to the constitution would pass.

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