Florida Man Charged with Fraud for Allegedly Lying During Job Application Process

Federal criminal charges were brought against a Florida man who allegedly attempted to obtain a high paying job with forged documents and false information, according to an article at www.Reuters.com. The Florida suspect has been charged with three counts of wire fraud by federal prosecutors after allegedly sending fraudulent documents to a company performing a background check on behalf of the company to which he applied for a job. The fraudulent documents were related to an SEC investigation that the suspect claimed was no longer ongoing. According to federal prosecutors, the suspect created a fake email from the SEC indicating that he cooperated with their investigation and provided valuable information. Federal prosecutors also allege that the suspect claimed that he was the vice president of finance for a Fortune 500 company, although he had been previously fired from that job.

The federal crime of wire fraud refers to any use of interstate wire communications to commit a fraudulent scheme to obtain money or other property. The use of wires encompasses telephone, radio, television and computer networks. Without knowing more about the facts of this case, the allegations of wire fraud likely involve an attempt to obtain money via a well paying job by using email and/or the telephone to transmit fraudulent information. If he is convicted of the wire fraud counts, he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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