Federal Law Proposed to Allow Carrying a Concealed Weapon Permit to Remain Valid Across State Lines

Many states, including Florida, allow qualified residents to apply for and obtain concealed weapons permits. These permits allow the person to carry a concealed weapon, such as a firearm, in their vehicles and other concealed places. In Florida, carrying a concealed firearm without such a permit is a third degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison; carrying a concealed weapon (non-firearm, such as a knife), without authorization is a misdemeanor.

The laws of each state are different, and particulars regarding how and where a person can carrying a concealed firearm or weapon are not the same in each state. As a result, if a person has a concealed weapon permit in one state and travels to another that has different laws regarding how that weapon can be concealed, that person may be violating the concealed weapon law of the second state even though he/she has a valid concealed weapon permit and is following the law of his/her home state. The new proposal would make it clear that a person who has a concealed weapon permit from one state can travel into other states with the concealed weapon as long as the other state also issues concealed weapon permits.

One group that would welcome such a law is semi truck drivers who constantly travel across state lines and often have to stop in dangerous and secluded areas while carrying valuable cargo. Truck drivers are at greater risk of becoming robbery targets and should have the right to protect themselves when they are on the road.

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