Drunk Driving Suspect with Four Prior DUI’s Kills Newly Married Couple

A person suspected of driving drunk ran a red light and caused an accident that killed a couple who had been married just over a month, according to an article on Foxnews.com. The suspected drunk driver has four prior convictions for DUI, or DWI as they are called in Texas. The suspected drunk driver was arrested and charged with murder under Texas law. In Jacksonville, Florida, two charges of DUI manslaughter would be likely, one for each victim.

It is unclear from the article whether the suspected drunk driver had a valid license. In Florida, if a person gets a fourth DUI conviction, he/she faces a mandatory permanent license revocation. While a person in Florida with one, two or even three DUI convictions may apply for a hardship license while his/her driving privileges are suspended, a person in Florida with a fourth DUI conviction is not eligible for a hardship license. In other words, a person with a fourth DUI conviction in Florida may not drive again, regardless of the time period between each DUI conviction.

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