Drug Trafficking Charges Dropped Against Lasnetski Gihon Law Firm Client in Jacksonville, Florida

In mid-2008, a relative of A.T. contacted the law office of Lasnetski Gihon Law in Jacksonville, Florida after A.T. was arrested for conspiracy to traffic MDMA (aka ecstasy). This criminal charge of conspiracy to traffic ecstasy is a first degree felony which carried a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison and a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

Lasnetski Gihon Law investigated the case and noted that the state’s case was seriously lacking in evidence. Of course, in any criminal case, the state has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused defendant is guilty of the crime for which he was charged. In this case, the state was relying primarily on two secretly recorded conversations between A.T. and some acquaintances and the unreliable testimony of known drug dealers. Lasnetski Gihon Law reviewed the transcripts of the recorded conversations involving A.T. as well as numerous other conversations in which A.T. was referenced. What we determined was that the conversations involving A.T. were vague at best and did not directly implicate him in any illegal drug activity. Additionally, the other conversations between A.T.’s acquaintances never indicated that A.T. was involved in any drug deals, of ecstasy or any other illegal drug. In fact, those other conversations pointed to other individuals who were selling the drugs who had nothing to do with A.T.

To cement A.T.’s defense, Lasnetski Gihon Law took depositions of the known drug dealers who the state relied upon to tie A.T. to ecstasy drug deals. In these depositions, these witnesses gave conflicting statements and failed to support the state’s case against A.T.

Shortly before the trial was to begin, the state decided to drop the conspiracy to traffic ecstasy charge against A.T. based on the conflicting and deficient evidence against him.

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