DEA Discusses Drug Issues in Jacksonville

Florida is one of the more major areas for drug trafficking and also a stop along the drug trade that leads to drug trafficking centers in the Northeast United States and Canada, according to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Because Florida has such a long coastline, has several international airports and marine ports and is strategically located near other countries who make and/or export drugs such as cocaine, heroin, crystal methamphetamine and marijuana, Florida plays a central role in drug trafficking and distribution.

The following is drug trafficking and other drug-related information relative to Jacksonville from the DEA. According to an interim report in 2006 fro Florida Medical Examiners, Jacksonville has the highest reported number of cocaine-related deaths in the state that year. Major drug trafficking organzations dealing crack cocaine have appeared in a few cities in Florida, two of which are Jacksonville and Gainesville. Marijuana is grown throughout the state. Indoor marijuana growing operations have become more lucratie and more common. Canadian marijuana trafficking groups are import their marijuana to Jacksonville where distribution groups sell the Canadian marijuana throughout Northeast Florida.

The most readily availbale drug in Jacksonville and throughout Florida is MDMA, which is more commonly known as ecstacy.

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