Cook at Flagler County, Florida Jail Arrested for Bringing Drugs Into Jail

A cook working at the Flagler County, Florida jail was arrested for allegedly bringing drugs such as Oxycontin into the jail and giving them to inmates, according to an article on Unauthorized possession of prescription drugs like Oxycontin is illegal, but bringing Oxycontin and other things that are not permitted into the jail for the inmates is a separate felony crime in Florida.

Under Florida criminal law, it is a felony to bring into a county jail or detention facility, or attempt to do so, anything the law considers contraband without going through the normal procedures set forth by the sheriff operating the jail. Contraband does not just cover the obvious things like illegal drugs, prescription drugs and weapons, it also includes money, written or recorded communications, food, clothing, tobacco products, medicine and other items. Some of these things can be brought to inmates in the local jails, however, they must first be authorized through the normal channels.

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