Clay County Couple Arrested For Allegedly Throwing Party With Alcohol and Underaged Kids

A couple from Fleming Island in Clay County, Florida was arrested for allegedly throwing a party with underaged kids and alcohol according to an article on According to law enforcement, the Clay County couple threw a graduation party at their home at which underaged kids were drinking. Pictures of the party and the kids drinking were apparently posted on Facebook which helped lead to the arrests.

As litigation lawyers who handle all types of litigation cases including criminal defense, personal injury/wrongful death and business litigation, we have seen how people can get themselves into trouble by divulging information over the internet that is later used against them. People need to understand that an emails, a text messages and anything posted on a website are not private. If another person can access it, that can later be used against the person by police and in court by the other party. Whether it is a picture of a plaintiff in a personal injury case engaging in some activity that his/her injuries were supposed to preclude or a statement that incriminates the defendant in a criminal case, any such thing sent out over the internet can become critical evidence.

The best course of action is to consider whether you would want a police officer, an employer, a prosecutor, a judge or any other person(s) to see the information before sending it in an email or text or posting it on a website.

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