Are You at Risk of Getting a DUI in Jacksonville?

How does a person determine if he or she has been drinking to the extent that he/she is above the legal blood alcohol limit of 0.08 in Florida and may be at risk of getting arrested for DUI? There are many factors that determine what one’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will be after a certain number of alcoholic drinks. Five people who drink the same amount of alcohol over the same period of time may have different blood alcohol level results due to the various factors that affect a person’s BAC.

To help people avoid a DUI charge, there are blood alcohol calculators that assess certain information, such as weight, gender, the number and type of alcoholic drinks a person has had and the time period of the drinking, and try to estimate a person’s BAC. One such DUI calculator can be found here. One obvious problem with something like this is accurately determining the quantity of drinks a person has had. For someone who has had mixed drinks, as opposed to 12 ounce beers, it is very difficult to tell how much alcohol was consumed. Other than that, these calculators are estimates and should not be definitively relied upon to drive after having consumed alcohol. They may, however, be helpful for educational purposes to help someone understand how the various factors affect a person’s BAC and get a rough idea of how many drinks it takes for a person to approach the 0.08 legal limit in Florida.

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