An Interesting Graph Regarding the War on Drugs

We try to monitor news about the monumentally inept war on drugs, changing drug laws and general attitudes about drugs and drug crimes both in the Jacksonville, Florida area and throughout the country. From a political standpoint, if one identifies being responsible and efficient with money and limiting the size of government as “conservative” characteristics, the war on drugs may be the least conservative policy in the history of mankind. There are many articles out there which estimate the incredible amounts of money spent on the war on drugs will little to no tangible (positive) results. However, this article looked at the war on drugs from a different angle and illustrates how poor it has been in managing the cost of illegal drugs to the consumer. It is another factor that suggests the war on drugs has done nothing but put a lot of people in prisons, waste an unbelievable amount of taxpayer money and increase the size and reach of government.

However, the article does mention some factors that may give cause for optimism. The current administration does not seem to be as enthusiastic about the war on drugs as previous administrations. Some states, of course, have legalized or decriminalized marijuana possession. The number of people being incarcerated for drug crimes has declined for the first time in a long time.

There is still a long way to go, particularly in the Jacksonville, Florida area, for the government to understand just how inefficient, ineffective and wasteful our current drug laws are. Maybe it takes a terrible recession to start that process. However, there do appear to be some signs of improvement.

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